Is there anyone who does not love going out on dates? I know it’s usually nerve-wracking because it’s always the guys’ wallet that gets punched but a date can actually be made worth every cent and time. If there is a date I’m personally obsessed with is the evening date. They usually have a romantic flare to it. Let me paint a picture perfect moment for you. You are with your boo or potential bae in a quiet restaurant that has good ambiance and the atmosphere itself has the universe speaking into your soon to be relationship or current relationship. Some soothing love songs playing in the background while scented candles dampen the air as they light up the room and the whole mood has you both trapped in your love sphere and it feels like a fairytale.

When it comes to evening dates, ladies need to look their very best because you don’t know what your long-term boyfriend or potential boo has in store for you that night. Especially now that we are heading to the festive season, this is when most of the men are planning to go on one knee and ask you to be their lawfully wedded wife! This is why all my ladies need to look dashing on a date night. He may be planning to introduce you to his family officially in a fancy restaurant or he is probably planning a surprise engagement dinner for you. My point is, ladies always stay on guard at all times. Wear glam as your crown, sophistication as your shield and sexiness as your armor.

Anyway, let’s not get all lovey-dovey here, as you choose an outfit for an evening date. When it comes to a date night every lady should strive to look elegant, classy and sexy in terms of wearing something that highlights your bomb assets and has you feeling like a queen who just got the crown to rule her throne. Like for me, I decided to wear a simple little navy dress that made me feel thick for days. Hourglass figure maybe? Allow me to fan myself. I paired it with a shining bling and a sequined clutch bag to make the outfit pop! Avoid looking skimpy, ratchet and cheap!  You don’t want to go showing off your assets in the first date. Modesty is actually alluring.

For the man, he should strive to be simple, neat and classy. He can make it classy by accessorizing his suit with a tie or blazer with lapel pins, pocket square, tie pins, collar tips or cufflinks. This will give the whole look a vibrant feel.  The advantage of the man is that he can wear official or casual. He should avoid wearing baggy trousers. He should also not show up in sweatpants. It’s a first date and not a hiking contest for crying out loud.  One should opt to wear what fits their body size and shape.

I actually have a secret to the guys. (Can the ladies please close their eyes and not read this) I’m kidding. Anyway, I would advise guys to wear a suit or an outfit that is paired up with a blazer so that when you take your girl out for dinner in a flamboyant restaurant, you get to offer her your coat when it gets chilly at night. Trust me, after dropping her home, she’ll be calling her girlfriends up bragging about how romantic you were just because of this gesture.

For those that love wearing matching outfits or color coordinating outfits with their man, you can still do so. In fact, you will make the singles out here feel like they need a boo. When matching with your partner, don’t overdo it. Neutralize it.

 Enjoy the post guys! Happy Holidays filled with Dates that are marked by sophisticated fashion statements.

Yours Lovely, Shanniq Monicah 

“…….Be an inspirational spark for everyone around you……”

Special Thanks to this team:

Photography by @simon_gm 

MakeUp by @ miss_onchangwa_makeup

Guy Model- Stephen Kinyanjui 

Hair by @ The Turning Point Salon in Buruburu (Cynthia Achieng’)

Dress and Sequined Clutch Bag- Gifted 

Fringe shoes- Similar here 

Jewelry from Dubois



  1. Rev. J. Ngahu

    December 26, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    God continually enable & increase you.

    1. Shanniq Muthoni

      January 23, 2019 at 5:07 am

      Thank you so much Rev. Ng’ahu!!!! and AMEN 🙂

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