Hey there Mobsterians? Well, I’m excited about this look and I’m about to just hold you guys down with boss like outfits. My advice: fasten your seat belts because the next few months, will be followed up with boss lady looks from my fashion diary. Are you ready to boss up and take over the job market or any area of expertise?

But first, allow me to rant a bit about the aftermath when you finally graduate. It’s all glam and hurray when you rock that gown till reality checks in and slaps you on the face. It’s been four months since I graduated and let me not lie it’s tough out here. If you are a graduate, I’m sure you can relate to this.

A lot lingers in one’s mind as it begins to wander while anxiety knocks on your door. For instance, trying to figure out how to climb up your career ladder, how to make your future bright, whether or not to pursue to Masters to Ph.D., when to move in with your lover and the likes. The pressure is real. This is when you start thinking of other sources of income because you cannot rely on your parents for pocket money, to wrap it all up, there is that thought of when to move out from your parents’ house.

Being a graduate puts you in this headspace that has you feeling trapped with thoughts that when one is not careful, can lead to depression. Questions on when to buy your first car, savings plan, whether you are ready for a committed relationship and the likes become your daily cup of coffee as your mind juggles all those thoughts. So as we figure this all out there is one important thing that y’all need to do, simply pray to God and tell him all you want. He is the main author of your life, as He holds your future and he shall direct you.

I figured that since I’m out of campus, part of my wardrobe had to change because I’m slowly moving into the job market gang. I can’t afford to be looking immature and tattered since my dressing is what will speak for me first even before the interview begins. I need to look classy, elegant and mature.

In my blog post today, I opted to wear an official trouser, half blazer, and a baby blue chiffon top. I paired up the look with a pair of heels. As for my hair, I put on a sassy wig that was not dramatic but rather boosted the bossy outfit. This look made me feel like I was heading to a board room full of men who have filled the room with their Hugo boss colognes just to chair the meeting. It had me feeling like an empowered woman that was ready to roll up their sleeves to shape the company into being more resourceful and productive. I felt like an alpha female that intimidated people out here. When it comes to dressing up, one of the major things I look at is; simplicity and I applied it in this look.

When you are heading for an interview, dress to impress, look mature because the panel will definitely judge you by the first impression. To all the recent graduates that are job hunting, don’t give up. Keep praying, applying, be patient and trust the process. God has a beautiful plan.

Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him and he shall make your paths straight.

Happy Labor Day and Blessed Month! 

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Yours Lovely,

Shanniq Monicah Muthoni




Photography @focus_africa 

Makeup by @miss_onchangwa_makeup 

Wig by @beautyclick 

The Two-Piece Suit- Gifted 

Shoes- Gifted 

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