Greeting Mobsters! What is popping on your end?

Well for me, I have my baby bump popping (Laughs)

Anyway…How are you all doing? I pray and trust that you’re all keeping well, staying strong and safe. First, I would like to speak hope to you, my readers. I know times are hard. In this season, it’s like the cloud of uncertainty and anxiety has dawned on us, unapologetic. Flaunting their puff of white magic. I am praying that positivity cuddles you up. May the only negative in your life, be that Covid-19 test.

Personally, I am staying positive and trying my level best to enjoy this quarantine period. Like I had promised you guys earlier, I am also busy cooking up fashion recipes for my fellow pregnant ladies and even to the girls who will be mothers in the near future.

Before I get into the glamorous fashion nuggets for today’s look, I would like to fill you guys in, on how my pregnancy experience in the third trimester has been. I used to admire ladies in baby bumps whenever I would see them online slaying on the digital streets in their pictures or better yet even in town or shopping malls. I won’t lie, I used to picture myself in a baby bump and I was looking forward to experiencing it. I always knew that baby bumps were cute. I never really knew the struggle that comes along with having a baby bump.  It’s not always about the cuteness. I admired girls who dressed up well in their baby bumps but little did I know that behind the scenes is a whole chaotic ride.  The Pregnancy Journey is a beautiful one but heavy is the head that carries the crown. The journey comes with its own challenges.

During my pregnancy, I have had several struggles and it took time for me to accept them. Some of them include weight gain. Whether you like it or not, you will add weight. A bit too much of it. Before I got pregnant, I was a fitness junkie and I wanted to make that my lifestyle. My obsession with weight loss was crazy. I avoided junk food like a plaque. In fact, I wanted abs. Do you know that eye-candy lady like abs? Yes, those ones. Then guess what? This beautiful baby bump came to fruition. I want a healthy baby. So, I am no longer starving myself. My appetite is on steroids and I am honestly feeding my cravings well.

My other struggle has been skin complexion. I realized that my neck has become a bit darker compared to my face. What causes this, is the hormones. Guys, these hormones can have you feeling like your skin is like that of a giraffe. Light skin (Rangi thao) and a bit of caramel colour (The darker shade), this applies if you’re of light complexion. These days, whenever I take my selfies, then I see the outcome, I roll my eyes so hard because the contrast is too loud. Anyway, I am enjoying and loving the journey. It is the good kind of different.

Anyway, I will continue to involve you my lovely readers, in my pregnancy experience in my subsequent blog posts that I will continue to post.

For today, let the curtains be unveiled as I unleash to you a glamorous look. The Abaya. It’s Islamic clothing that covers the whole body except the head, feet and hands. They come in two styles: It can be worn from the shoulders or top of the head like mine.

The Abaya is known to be traditionally black and worn over street clothes. I paired mine with a black body con dress and glittery sandals. I used fewer accessories since the abaya had its own accessories.

I definitely loved this look! and it’s one of my best baby bump outfits.

“Nothing is more impressive than a person who is secure in the unique way God made her!”

Makeup by @miss_onchangwa

Photography @modernestudio

The Abaya from @glitzandglam

Sequined Sandals from @mrp

Enjoy the Post Lovelies!

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