Yes, it has been a while and this is because I had to focus on looking for votes for the BAKE Awards Nomination and when the winner gala event happened, guess who I met? The lovely Mwalimu Rachel!! Apparently, she is my namesake ‘Muthoni’ Ha!ha! So she was in this fitting snake printed dress with a thigh-high slit that accentuated her African curves. How can I forget her wild short hair? She served us with a toast of elegance and cheers to that!
Mwalimu Rachel is one of the top media personalities in the country. She is a mother, wife, radio presenter, TV presenter, MC, Voice Over Artist, Influencer and the CEO of her media company, MRX Media Ltd. She is a full package! In addition to that, she has a blog and vlog. Her vlog was nominated by BAKE, Best Vlog Category 2018. Currently, she is the head presenter at NRG Radio 

Her style is fun, sexy and trendy. She does not limit herself when it comes to dressing up.
Mwalimu Rachel shares her style script with Shanniq Monicah

1. Who is Rachel Muthoni?
She is this bubby but a strong woman; a little crazy too, who is not afraid of living her life to the fullest.

2. Describe your style in three words
Fun, sexy, cool

3. One thing you can never miss in your handbag…
A tampon. Weird I know. Lol! You just never know with us ladies! Plus I have saved countless ladies in the process.

4. Name two annoying trends ladies need to stop wearing…
Some of these ridiculous extremely torn jeans are a no-no. That’s all I have for now.

5. You are a Mother, Wife, Radio + TV Presenter, Influencer and Voice Over Artist, how do you balance all that?
You forgot CEO of my company MRX Media Ltd! Lol. I prioritize. It really is that simple. There will be late nights, but there will be weekends where I chill just with the fam. Mornings are for my office, afternoons for the studio at NRG Radio.

6. Which of these Wakanda warriors can dress up? Michael.B. Jordan or Chadwick Boseman? Def. Michael.B. Jordan girl!

7. What are the major challenges you have faced in your Media Career?
Just after I got my son, pressure built about my weight and how I would never be on TV again. I focused on me, surrounded myself with POSITIVE people and went to the gym- not for them, but for me. I wanted to wear my clothes again. I had to give myself time though and indeed I got back to a weight I was happy with.

8. Between Amina Abdi and Adele Onyango, whose wardrobe would you invade and why?
Imagine none. Every girl has her unique style and individuality and I like seeing what they wear on themselves, same way I love the clothes I wear.

9. What are the proud moments in your career?
Wow. Many. Most recently interviewing Rick Ross and hosting the biggest event in Nairobi NRGWave, being the head presenter at NRG Radio, that I see is a win not just for me but other hard working girls outchea.

10. For those aspiring to be in the media industry, what advice would you give them?
Be strong-willed, have fun and have an unshakeable work ethic.

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